Comprehensive Inspections of Commercial Properties

Services We Offer:

Commercial Inspection Services

Property Conditions
Assessment per ASTM E2018-15 (with Costing)

Property Conditions
Assessment Lite (no Costing)

Lease Outline

3-D Scanning with
Matterport products

Plus access to our testing partners (additional fees apply):

Drone Elevations, Plumbing, Commercial Kitchen Design, Pest Control, Environmental Testing

Matterport Products from 3-D Scan

3D Interactive Modelling

  • lets you see the building with your own eyes

Print-Ready Photos

to use at your convenience

Schematic Floor Plans

to better visualize usage of the space

3D Point-Cloud for Revit

  • streamlines renovation process

As our name suggests, our mission at Lucent Inspections, LLC is to clarify and illuminate – specifically, to shine the light of information on the factors influencing the complex decisions involved in the purchase of real estate.

Wise investors understand the need to make informed decisions when it comes to such significant purchases and the need to have the best possible information available to them to inform such important decisions.

A comprehensive property inspection provides the investor with a wealth of information about a property he or she may be considering, and can, in many cases, assist the investor in avoiding what could be a costly mistake.

At Lucent Inspections, LLC, we are uniquely qualified to provide commercial property inspections that go well beyond those typically provided by other inspectors. Not only are we state-licensed as inspectors, but we are also licensed architects. At the core of our knowledge is an understanding of how buildings are constructed – from the structural systems outward to the cosmetic finishes. Our relationships with licensed engineers afford us the ability to bring professional assessments to issues affecting structural or mechanical systems that may be revealed during our inspection.

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Drone Footage

With the use of our commercial drone, Lucent Inspections, LLC can now provide our clients with a bird’s-eye view of the subject property. As a value-added service, Drone-Assisted Inspection Reports include a high-resolution video evaluation of the building site, the exterior of the building – including the roof – and, if appropriate, interior structures that may otherwise be difficult for our inspectors to access.

In addition, we can provide complete drone-assisted site mapping of commercial properties.